2014 In Review

Another crazy year for the Ortiz Family!  It started off with some crazy blood sugars (which came and went throughout the year) 020914_1953_Roughnights9.jpgSadly all that red seems to happen at least a couple times a month (if not more often).  It feels like we finally get his ratios and basals figured out and then something causes them to change: growth spurt, hormones, stress, exercise, wind change…  But we had fun despite the crazy blood sugars!

We got to play in the snow earlier this year too!   Marys Iphone February 2014 653 It was so much fun, and brought on its own blood sugar challenges. Marys Iphone February 2014 663 But we were ready for those!  🙂  I am waiting and hoping for some snow now….but don’t see it in our forecast.  I think this winter we might have to go find the snow if it doesn’t come to us!

20140221-163202.jpg We had lots of fun playing in our back yard this year.20140314-150902.jpg In all kinds of weather. 20140408-154455.jpg We used our fire pit to make s’mores!042314_0207_SpringBreak8.jpgWe had play dates. 042314_0207_SpringBreak24.jpgWe took some trips to the zoo.042314_0207_SpringBreak27.jpg We Built a fence.20140510-210321.jpg (OK, so maybe Tony did most of that work–But I DID help!) 😉20140510-211602.jpg Oh, the fun we had! 20140614-135644-50204645.jpgI found time to sew20140614-135215-49935941.jpg and made lots of gifts! 20140718-091150-33110849.jpgAll while dealing with the highs and the lows of blood sugars and life in general.Dex We finally took the boys to Disneyland!!! Photo0128EightByTen(which I never got around to sharing–oops) DSCN0168Here are some of our Disney pictures to catch you up.  🙂 ?????????? ?????????? We had so much fun!Photo0010FourBySixand were so blessed to have so many family members join us for the boys first trip to Disneyland.Photo0034FourBySix Photo0014FourBySix Photo0031FourBySix  Photo0058FourBySix Photo0063FourBySix We met Super Heroes!Photo0091FourBySix Photo0104FourBySix Photo0106EightByTenTJ loved splash mountain (once he finally got to ride on it)

He even convinced his Aunt Pam to go on it a second time with him. (they were already soaked, right?) Photo0109FourBySix  Photo0153FourBySix  When we came back from that trip, TJ went to his first drop off day camp (5 days in a row!). He was unsure at first, but he definitely ended up having lots of fun.20140728-095543-35743814.jpg We took our usual trip to the pumpkin patch in October. DSC_0150 And enjoyed seeing family (who we don’t see often enough) on Thanksgiving. (Oops–no pictures of thanksgiving–too busy eating!) TJ was an angel in the St Nickolas Day Play. The boys built a gingerbread house with Aunt PamIMG_0030 And got to visit Santa Clause2014 Santa Pic We had a wonderful Christmas (in spite of my being sick).IMG_0075 We had more play dates IMG_0078and Professional Photos taken IMG_0080which was hard for TJ with BGs over 500 when we started. Photo0086EightByTenAll in all, we are ready for the new year and all it holds in store for us! Through Prayer and perseverance we can make it through just about anything! Here’s to 2015: a new year, a new roller coaster!!


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