A day as a stay at home mom

I often think about how blessed I am that I get to experience two lifestyles. As a working mom and also as a stay at home mom. Granted it feels like most of the time I’m working, but I get summers and a few week long breaks throughout the year. Today I stayed home because both boys had dentist appointments.

We got up and ate breakfast together (and not in the car!) and I cleaned a little. Then we went to the dentist.

G had his first set of X-rays taken and did amazingly well at biting the parts and holding still while she took the image.

Then both boys had their teeth cleaned at the same time.

They had chairs next to each other and each got to choose a movie to watch.

Both boys are members of the no cavities club! 🙂
Then we came home and had lunch, and the boys took a nap (my favorite part of the day! I cleaned some more, started dinner, and shopped online.).
After that we ran to the store and bought some window clings, to decorate for Thanksgiving. Then we drew outside with chalk for a little while.

TJ was so upset every time G tried to “help” color TJs artwork that I decided to show him how to color together. I drew and G colored, then G Drew and I colored. TJ still didn’t like G “helping” at all.
Then it was back inside to wash hands and change chalky clothes before TJ started some math practice and reading on the computer.

And G colored a turkey and drew some pictures on paper.

We had our family dinner shortly after daddy came home from work.

I am not going to lie, I wish I had more days like today, at home with my boys.


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