A new experience for me

Today was TJs first day of Panther Day Camp and he was not very excited about going. This is his first camp away from all family members and he was apprehensive to say the least.

He wouldn’t smile for any pictures or go off and play with the other kids. It didn’t help that the nurse that checked us in wanted to hold onto TJs CGM (which meant we had to stay within 20 feet) and all the counselors were in the next room. So we stood waiting for awhile and said hi to some friends as they walked into the next room. Then, when we finally got the CGM, put it on TJs belt, and headed into the next room the counselors weren’t very outgoing. They didn’t come up and introduce themselves and try to include the kids that were sitting in the chairs. Finally (just as they were about to start) I walked TJ over to a couple of his group counselors and introduced him to them. I explained that it’s his first time and he was having a hard time staying without us. Then they started talking to him and helping me. When I told him G and I had to leave he grabbed my leg and protested. There were no tears, but he was very sad and clingy. I had to turn him toward his group and almost push him away. 😦

G was sad too, he wanted to stay at camp with his brother.
I’ve never experienced the clingy “don’t go mommy” feeling before. Every other time I’ve left my kids they ran off to play and barely even gave me a wave as they ran off. I know he will be well cared for and I know they have lots of fun activities planned, but I still felt like crying on the way home. I had no idea how emotional TJs clinginess would make me.
Now G and I are home and he is “fishing” while I blog.

TJ is probably having a ton of fun and forgotten all about us not being there. I get to experience being a mom of 1 again (sort of). Should be a fun week of drop offs after today’s tough one! (Here’s hoping anyway!)



  1. Maybe his sadness is because this experience is another “first”. He has had so many”first”s in his little life, a weaker child and family would just not try as hard as you. After this journey you’ve been on you must be overwhelmed, some times.


    • We do have our I hate D moments. But for the most part we seem to be able to roll with the punches. 🙂


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