Rare but so frustrating!

TJ really struggles with focusing on his school work sometimes. (which is understandable with a 2 yr old running around the room playing with toys and trying to play with TJ too). Especially when his blood sugars are higher than they should be and that has been the case the last couple days.

We keep trying to rotate insulin pump sites and convinced TJ to use his thighs again. We’ve used them before with no problems with insulin absorption but this time he’s been running high and taking extra boluses to get down into range before he slowly heads back up to the 200s.
So we are left wondering: too much excitement? bad site? Bad insulin? The pizza he had for lunch? Growth spurt? Getting sick? We don’t know. I upped his basal, I upped his carb ratios, and we tried again and we waited to see what would happen.
Here’s what happened : TJ struggled with his school work this morning. G was distracting but even when he was somewhat quiet TJ couldn’t focus for long.


Dex alerted that TJ was high I checked and it literally said “HIGH” (which means over 400) so he checked his BG




I was expecting Dex to be wrong (it had been off a lot lately). But this is what his meter said:

I wanted to make sure it was accurate so we cleaned his finger again and poked again and this time it said 500. And que panic….shot? New site? Ketones? Something must be done quick! I ask TJ if it would be ok if I gave him a shot (he hadn’t had one pretty much since he got on his pump) and the answer was no. So I ran upstairs and got a infusion set, reservoir, c sticker, and an alcohol swab. Then I went to the fridge and grabbed a fresh bottle of insulin.

Got everything ready and inserted a new pump site on TJs tummy. Bolused him for his 500 BG and sat him down to finish his spelling pages.


Then he ran laps around our couch (hopefully that will help him come back into range without a big crash).

I’m trying to keep him working (slowly) through his school work, we’ve been having lots of fun days with no school work and I don’t want him to get out of the habit. This has been one heck of a day and it’s only 9:30am! Thank God these days are so rare!



  1. Sharon Goldade

    Just praying Mary–that is what I know how to help you. Love you, Sharon


    • And it’s greatly appreciated Sharon! I can use all the extra prayers that I can get! 🙂 thank you!!!


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