Dmom panic

After a relaxing shower and spending some peaceful time getting ready while the boys were napping I was shocked into a panic. I just happened to check Dex on my way out of my bedroom (it won’t read in my bathroom while TJ is napping in his room–over 20 ft away) and saw LOW with 2 straight down arrows. :/ That meant he was under 40!
So I jumped into action: downstairs to grab his kit then back upstairs, grab a wipe and into his room. He had completely hidden himself under his blankets, so I had to find him before I could clean his finger and poke it to find out if Dex was right.


Luckily Dex wasn’t quite accurate. But the arrows aiming straight down still had me worried.



So I fed him a couple tabs in his sleep to slow down the drop and bring him back up into a better range for sleeping.

Unfortunately that ended his nap early. About 5 minutes later he came out of his room asking if he could get up now. Oh well, I’m glad he slept a little.
And now maybe I can get back a little bit of that peaceful feeling I had before I checked Dex….maybe not….



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  1. I don’t know that I knew you blogged or maybe I did but ‘met’ you in the midst of making a move to another state thus forgot. Clicked over here via a comment you left on my blog.
    I love Dex – I wished more than one of my cwd would wear one. Still at least my teen does. so far for us it has never been more than 26 pts off but regardless Id rather have a few false low alerts than nothing. As far as tabs in their sleep – mine would never eat tabs in their sleep. My youngest can down a juice box while sleeping but not the older two – I always have to wake them. glad it was a false alarm even if it meant a shorter nap. Cheers.


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