Family weekends

Tony is a little mad at me. He finally has weekends off with us and they have not been the relaxing, lazy days he used to enjoy when his days off were while I was working. The first Saturday we spent getting a bunch shopping done, dragging the kids from store to store driving to Puyallup and back only to go into more stores and shop some more. Not a very fun day!

Today was supposed to be less hectic and more relaxing, but that didn’t really work out…

We went shopping…but just one store! Then we came home and had lunch before putting the boys down for a nap and getting to work.


We measured and sawed, screwed and bolted and then did it all aver again!

The goal? A fully fenced back yard. What did we need to achieve our goal? About 24 feet of fencing including three gates.

It always seems so easy, until we get started. And even then it wasn’t very difficult, just time consuming. Until the kids woke up….

They wanted to help, but mostly just took Tony’s tools and beat them against things or lost them. But we persevered, despite little fights and tantrums and kids running into the front yard (and then into the neighbors). Just more motivation to get it done—gotta keep those kids from escaping!

Tony and I have built fences and decks together before (way back when we first bought our house) but my memories aren’t always accurate…I though we got all the other fencing done in a day or two, but it must have taken longer. We got all the gate frames built and the about half of the fence boards up. We were so close! But hunger could not be ignored. It was 6pm when we finally called it a night. Just enough time for dinner and the boys bed time. I hope to get home early enough tomorrow to finish hanging the rest of the fence boards and install the gate latch, then we will be all done! 🙂 (with that project) 😉 don’t tell tony I have more… 😉

Don’t worry, he already knows.

I’m proud of our little fence, but I really realized today how lucky we are that we can do things like this together. We didn’t even fight very much (ok, a little this morning, when we were measuring for a different project–which was quickly postponed) 😉 I love my handy man and am so glad I get to be his assistant. 🙂
Maybe next weekend we will get to relax and rest…maybe. 😉


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