Spring Break Fun

It doesn’t take much to surprass our 2012 spring break, just being out of the hospital all week is better than that year was!

But this spring break was the best in a long time!

We had lots of fun this spring break. We played in the back yard.

Gabriel was his usual silly self.

My brother came over and helped Tony cut up some trees that fell down a couple years ago. Now we have wood for our fire pit! :0) summer bonfires here we come! J

We enjoyed s’mores and hot dogs and lots of time in the sunshine.

G REALLY enjoyed his s’more!

We had a super fun play date where the kids got to play with bubbles, play dough, and

Paint! (I know I’m one crazy mom!)

I just let them do all the things I never let them do inside. 😉

We sure enjoyed our outside fun in the sun this spring break!

I’ll never understand what makes sticks so much fun for little boys…

We tried some new things with TJs Dexcom sensors to help avoid the rashes he keeps getting under them.

Like this hibiclens wash, but that didn’t seem to help much.

I took the boys to the urgent care one afternoon because G was inconsolable and screaming that he was in pain and he had been acting like he might have a UTI for a couple of weeks. Of course as soon as we got into the car he was just fine and forgot all about what ever had been hurting. He was a total ham the whole time we were there. And it was lots of fun trying to get a 2 year old to pee into a cup… on command…yeah, 3 trips to the bathroom and 45 minutes later we were successful. And the sample showed no infection.

We took a trip to the zoo as a family.

We saw lots of animals up and about that we don’t usually see awake.

G was unsure about the birds being so close when we were feeding them.

The boys probably would have had just as much fun (if not more) if we’d just gone somewhere rocky for them to climb! But the animals are so cool! And it counts as a science field trip for school, right?

We love these family trips to the zoo (just wish the weather would cooperate more often!)

Like it did this day

We had our highs and lows, blood sugar checks and extra treats.

It was a really good spring break!The zoo sure wore G out! I’m really looking forward to summer. Now that I’ve experienced some time home in the warm sunshine with my boys I crave more!


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