Irritations: skin and other…

I’m irritated, almost as much as TJs skin is. TJ keeps poking his finger under his sensor and “itching” it out.


The poor boy was apparently born with his mom’s sensitive skin. Which for any other kid wouldn’t cause much drama, but for my sugar baby it wreaks all kinds of havoc.

He appears to be allergic to the glue that Dexcom uses on the sticker part of their sensors. He gets all rashed out and itchy under the sensors. We tried putting a tegaderm sticker under the sensor before inserting but he still reacts horribly.

I though maybe his arms were just over taxed because that’s where we always inserted his sensors, so we started inserting them into his thighs, but even there he started having issues. And this picture is about a week after it was removed! 😦 part of me is irritated with the fact that TJ can’t catch a break but part of me is irritated that he keeps scratching them off. These sensors are not cheap, even though they are covered by insurance we still have to pay a percentage. They are FDA approved for 1 week, so we should change it every 7th day. TJ has removed two in a row on the 3rd or 4th day. 😦 We can’t reuse them, so that means buying more than we should have to.

I know lots of people live with type 1 diabetes and don’t use a CGM, but I can’t imagine not having this valuable information. Dex lets me get a full nights sleep (once in a while) because it will alert if TJ goes too low or too high at night, which means I don’t have to schedule alarms and get up at 2am every night to go poke TJs finger. Dex lets me know if TJ is 100 and dropping fast (possibly needing some carbs to stay in range) or 100 and steady during the day.
It helps me adjust TJs basal insulin (the drips he gets all throughout the day from his pump) and his carb ratios (how much insulin he gets based on the carbohydrates he eats) with out having to worry about crashes, because I can (usually) see them coming.


These rashes are the pits! They hurt TJ, the don’t heal very fast despite trying lots of topical ointments, including natural remedies.

I’ve tried something new on the sensor I put in TJs thigh today. I used hibiclens, it was recommended by another dmom who has had similar issues with Dex.

Hibiclens and the tegaderm stickers are not something Dexcom recommends, but neither are the sites where we insert TJs sensors (Dexcom only recommends tummy –and maybe bummy for little kids now). I’m willing to try anything (within reason to make this easier for TJ and still be able to get this information.

Maybe even switching to the Medtronic CGM again. They have a newer CGM that should be more accurate than the one we used before (with many inaccuracy issues and skin irritations as well). But I do hate to give up the benefits Dex provides, like the accuracy and the receiver being separate from the pump.

But right now I’m sitting here with no BG info while I wait for Dex to be ready to calibrate…2 hours after every sensor insertion, which isn’t so bad when it’s once a week but every 3rd or 4th day is tougher to accept. Hopefully the hibiclens will work, if not I have an appointment scheduled for TJ to see a dermatologist and maybe he can recommend something to help us get back to life as normal (or as normal as it gets for us) 🙂



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