Pulled a port

A fun day: church, a party, and then time at grandmas and grandpas. The boys had taken naps and were playing outside before we sat down to watch frozen at grandmas house. I decided to check dex and see what TJs sugars were doing. Good thing I did!

Seriously?!? (Apparently we forgot to turn on the alerts after church–vibrate-mode isn’t very noticeable in a busy house) time for an extra poke! (Because that just can’t be right, right?!?)

Well dex was pretty close… :/ I checked TJs port for his insulin pump and it was pulled half out. That means that for however long it wasn’t actually under his skin he wasn’t getting the little drops of insulin he needed to keep his blood sugars at a “normal” number.
Time for an unplanned site change.

This kid is so tough! Barely even a flinch (although he was zoned in on a movie) 😉

Then a fresh dose of insulin and a short wait before another dose (for dinner) and still we wait. >

One hour later plus dinner apparently equals no change in TJs blood glucose levels. :/ this is why I get so much more frustrated with highs than I do with lows. Lows are corrected within 15-30 minutes after some carbs are consumed. Highs require trust in insulin, which can take over 2 hours before changing anything. Insulin is no cure! >


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