Bad D Day!

Yesterday TJ had an I hate diabetes day. It was just your average day until I asked him to go wash his hands and poke for dinner. Then a meltdown occurred. Screaming and crying and not telling me why. As a non-d parent your first thought is ” wish he’d taken a nap today.” But as a D-mom my first thought is, “are his sugars low?”. So after I carried him kicking and screaming into another room and told him to stay there until he calmed down I went and grabbed his kit and checked his sugars. They were fine, so maybe it was a missed nap…


Until… He finally calmed down and I went in to talk to him about his behavior. He said,”I’m just so tired of poking!” My heart melted, my eyes welled up and it took me a minute to respond.

My final response (with tears streaming down my face ) was, “I know. And it sucks. But you have to do it!”
Oh, it breaks my heart, and it’s so frustrating not only for Tony and I, but for him too. He gets those poor fingers poked 5-10+ times a day. And he never really complained about it before.

I guess the bright side is that he’s less than a month from his 2 year anniversary of diagnosis (aka: diaversary) and this is his first real I hate D day. That’s pretty good.

I’m so proud of this little man with the weight of the world on his shoulders!



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