Injured mommy

Yesterday I was my usual klutzy self and managed to fall down some porch steps. I scratched up my knee and over extended my ankle. The ankle seemed to be fine after a little ice and rest. I walked around and it didn’t hurt.

TJ had a “low” night last night and after tony had given him glucose tabs more than once to bring him back into range Dex alerted again so I got up to check his sugars and decide if he needed more carbs.

Which he did. I gave him some jelly bellies and sat and listened to him chew them (loudest chewing ever!) before heading back to bed.
As I walked back and forth checking sugars and giving sweets to my boy, I realized that my ankle was hurting.

After a debating with myself for awhile when my alarm went off I decided that all the steps I get at school, (which I’m usually proud of) would not help my ankle at all. So I stayed home to rest and ice it.

I am using my Fitbit for exactly the opposite of what it was designed for. Instead of trying to see how many steps I can get I’m trying to see how few. I’m at 1,204 steps right now and if I had done my usual morning workout and gone to school I would be well over 10,000. It’s hard to sit and do nothing when you have two active little boys to take care of.
Right now we are outside 🙂 enjoying a break between storms.

I’m resting my ankle and the boys are entertaining themselves.
TJ threw his frisbee over the fence and then tried to see if he could get it. G helped him look. (He couldn’t–daddy will have to the next time he’s out here).

Then TJ made a new friend. A stray cat wandered in our yard and was happy to be petted.

G was skeptical of the cats friendliness and kept his distance. But he was telling me about the cats tail.

Then the rain chased us inside. Where the boys are still happily entertaining themselves and I have my ankle up. Although now that I look outside I can see the sun shining and realized the storm was much shorter than I expected.
I see a movie in our future and a very simple dinner. Hopefully our evening goes as smoothly as the day and I can keep my steps under 1,500. 😉

And hopefully this is a very minor injury and heals quickly so I can get back to my exercise routine. (I feel weird when I don’t work out now).


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