Five minute Friday: Small

I read this prompt and immediately thought of the “small people” in my house. I sit here and watch them play together and grow, sadly they don’t stay small for very long.

I thought about how one of my littles has big responsibilities and challenges having to account for every bite if what he eats and check his blood sugars so often. All those little pokes he endures usually with a big smile.

I look at my smaller “little” and think of his huge personality. He has no fear of his big brother and pushes him around every time he can (something we are working on).


And I think about all the small things we do everyday to keep these littles healthy and happy so they can continue to grow bigger. Reading ingredients lists for G and keeping him away from eggs and the constant monitoring of blood sugars for TJ and all the adjustments to his insulin or food to try to keep his blood sugar levels in range.

And then I think of all he little graces God give us every day to to help us through all the little challenges we face. And of all the little blessings that we should be giving thanks for like being able to come outside and play on a dry Friday in February.



I’m linking up with Lisa Jo Baker for this FMF.  🙂

Five Minute Friday


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