I love the snow! We finally got some snow Friday, but I had to go to school, so I couldn’t play in it with my boys.  It was still mostly here on Saturday so after a yummy breakfast of pancakes (made by my amazing hubby) we went outside to play.

DSC_0082 There was just enough for it to be pretty and for us to make snowballs to play catch with.DSC_0096 DSC_0093  We had fun even though there wasn’t enough to make snow angels. DSC_0092 DSC_0090 I even made a tiny snowman (we named him Olaf–just like everyone else that made a snowman)  😉  DSC_0085 DSC_0084 I used a little piece of orange peel for his nose.  LOL DSC_0079 DSC_0077 DSC_0076 The boys were so bundled that TJ said he didn’t like being “puffy” and wanted to go out with no big coat or gloves.DSC_0073 DSC_0072 Daddy was kind enough to come out and take some pictures (despite his dislike of cold temperatures).DSC_0065

After that we had hot cocoa and watched a movie before naps and heading to church.  When we got out of church we were surprised (and a little excited) to see a snowstorm! Although I was not as excited as usual about driving in it.  The trip from Seattle to Bonney Lake was a little nerve racking for me but we made it save and sound.  🙂

And when we woke up the next morning there was lots of snow to play in!! 🙂Marys Iphone February 2014 635 So I gathered all our snow gear again (there are so many layers!) we bundled up and headed outside!

Marys Iphone February 2014 668 I was able to make a full sized snow man (with a little –tiny–help from the boys) He still needs eyes and a mouth, but we’re working on it.  🙂 Marys Iphone February 2014 666 I’ve never been able to build a snowman before, this snow must be different from what we usually get.

Marys Iphone February 2014 653 We got to sled down our driveway (I was so amazed I found our sled without any help from Tony (he had to work today).  I shoveled a pile of snow at the bottom to keep us from going into the street.   Marys Iphone February 2014 640    Marys Iphone February 2014 647 Our little Olaf was beheaded by TJ after he was buried in the snowstorm.Marys Iphone February 2014 643

TJ made a snow angel Marys Iphone February 2014 636  Marys Iphone February 2014 637 Marys Iphone February 2014 638  But Gabriel wasn’t interested in laying down in the snow.Marys Iphone February 2014 659  And then Dex alerted!  Snow apparently brings BGs down!  😉  I’ve read about this happening to other people, but this is our first experience in the snow with T1.  Marys Iphone February 2014 663 We stopped playing and had a jelly bean break.  We all enjoyed some yummy sugar before heading back out into the cold.   Marys Iphone February 2014 665 Can I just say one more time, I LOVE the snow!  🙂  and I’m hoping we can head back out one more time today, before it melts away.  :0)


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