Rough nights thanks to T1D

The other night was a rough one! Very little sleep thanks to stubborn lows but it was definitely a reminder of how helpful a CGM can be!

He started out with a fairly decent number (maybe a little low for bedtime).

But started dropping (we assume from running around before bed, since he didn’t have any insulin on board). So I gave him a 15 carb fruit and veggie pouch thinking that would bring him up and be healthy (he didn’t want to eat anything got dinner).

Apparently that wasn’t enough. 😦 so we gave him 2 glucotabs (8 carbs of pure glucose) that seemed to do the trick, so we headed to bed.

Then dex alerted for a low and tony went in to check SURPRISE!

False high–must have had sugar on his finger from the glucotabs. Because a second check to confirm and:

Dex was right. TJ was headed down again. Two more tabs and

I don’t get it!! He should have been sky high.

And another low alert and some more sugar (juice this time)

He was still a little low in the morning.
See all that red? Every time he went into the red we were woken up by dex. Thank God dex woke us, I can’t imagine what would have happened if we didn’t have dex.

I can’t imagine life without this super smart, trouble making, whining, handsome, loving boy!



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