Sew fun! :)

I’ve been meaning to write this since the end of summer but haven’t gotten to it. Now that I’ve had time to sew again I have been motivated to finally write about it (and have more projects to add.)  😉

It was supposed to be about my sewing over summer but I guess it’ll just be about the sewing projects I’ve accomplished over the summer and since then. 🙂

I’ve sewn a few skirts lately, mostly for gifts. But they really turned out well.

It’s a design I found on Pinterest and it’s so simple that I’ve made it repeatedly with different fabrics in different a sizes.

And recently I changed it from a fitted waist with a zipper to an elastic adjustable waist.

It was surprisingly easy, maybe because there was no zipper? (Zippers are my nemesis!)

I’m considering making myself this skirt and can’t decide if I want to do an elastic waist or put in a zipper. (I try to stay away from elastic waists for myself).
Here’s how I kept busy over the summer (mostly at night after the boys went to bed).

Marys Iphone August 2013 347

I made this denim skirt from a pair of Tony’s old jeans. The waist and zipper were already done so it made it fairly easy.  the hard part was finishing the front (that stupid triangle was a pain to fit in) and I hemmed it a little short, so I only wear it with leggings.  (on a side note, I hesitated about posting these last couple pictures. I had definitely gained some weight over the summer. I know that shouldn’t stop me from using pictures of myself –or having them taken–but sometimes it still does)  At least I know I have lost most of those fat rolls.

Marys Iphone August 2013 356

Tony calls this my “moo moo dress”  I bought that fabric with the stretchy top (I can’t remember what that’s called right now) with the plan of making this dress.  It’s so comfy and was fairly simple: one seam down the back plus shoulder straps.  The straps were the toughest part, trying to place them properly so they weren’t off center in the front or the back and were the right length.

I phone 7-25-13 698

Another pintrest pattern I found!  it’s a swimsuit cover up.  I made about 4 of them over the summer but can only find these pictures which don’t do it justice.  I found this blue and grey striped fabric and made one for me and the blue was the exact color of my swim suit!  I couldn’t believe it.  🙂

I phone 7-25-13 699

I also made myself one of those skirts from the beginning of this post, but can’t find a picture of it. It was the first one I made from the pintrest design.  I had to take it in once and am not sure how it would turn out if  I took it in again, maybe I’ll try.  🙂  Taking in is so much more fun than letting out!  🙂



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