The big reasons

Here are the major reasons I haven’t been keeping my blog up. I was a little crazy in October and volunteered to host my family for thanksgiving. I figured it would relieve some stress from my mom and give Tony and me the extra push we needed to finish up some projects around the house.

Oh, boy did it! First we put up a chair rail in our living room. Tony patched the scratched up wall (thank you rocking recliner chair) and then I painted the wall and stained the wood molding we put up. It all sounds so simple in this short blurb but it took a couple weeks.
One night for masking (after the patching dried) and two nights for painting.
Another night for staining the trim pieces and yet another for putting them up on the wall. Notice I keep saying night? All if this was done after work, dinner, and the boys bedtime.
I think it turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself. And through it all we kept up our exercise routines and dealt with one boy who rarely slept through the night and TJs sometimes crazy BGs. One night he dropped into the 20s it was crazy and random and he rarely gets that low thanks to dex. But he came out from his room saying he felt yucky and boy did he! But we were able to get him back in range and stabilized (thank God).
We also (finally) finished our laundry area. We cut away the opening so we could access the machines about a year ago and have just been living with the cut drywall. :/
After many more nights spent measuring, cutting, staining and putting up trim, we finally have a presentable laundry area.
I think the toughest part was hooking the washer and dryer (or just the dryer) back up. 20140121-210814.jpg
It took many attempts and even included Tony climbing behind the dryer.
Now we can not only access the front panels (without having to take one or the other machine out) but the doors open away from each other (like they always should have)! 🙂 and it’s ascetically pleasing, too! 🙂
Tony also finished a repair patch in our ceiling (which I painted) and I touch up painted all over the house. I’m sure there were more smaller projects we did but it’s been over a month now and I can’t remember what they were now. All of that was just for the main parts of the house, not including the areas we don’t have guests (like our office {aka the storage room} or our bedroom). And we still had to do the regular cleaning too 😉 but it was well worth it! We had so much fun on thanksgiving with our family and ate way too much. 😉 (sadly I didn’t take any pictures of the actual event we prepared the house for–oops!)


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