Halloween 2013 (better late than never)

It’s been a long time and I kept thinking I should just do a “quick takes” type blog to catch up and then keep going from there, but so much has been going on and I just know my quick takes would turn into a novel. 😉 So I’m going to just try to start writing more frequently and play catch up. J


Here goes: Halloween 2013

Tony actually had Halloween off this year and got to go trick or treating with us. J Normally he has to work and misses the fun. So I hurried home from work and we all loaded into the car and went to my brother’s house for dinner and trick or treating in their neighborhood.

We made it all the way to Covington before realizing that we had forgotten TJs back pack (which contains all his medical supplies, and Gs epi-pen) at home. SERIOUSLY?!? Like I said, we were rushing to get out the door….Tony offered to drive home and get it but since it was 4ish on a Friday I figured it would take him at least 2 hours to get home and back in traffic. So we decided to run to Wal-Mart really quick and buy a cheap meter and strips for it. This turned into buying a new (not so cheap) meter and strips (that will work with the meter we already have). $60 later we were ready for dinner and trick-or-treating (well, dinner anyway).

TJ is such a slow eater (even though they were super yummy soft tacos) it took him long after everyone else was done eating to finish (and threats of leaving him there with daddy while everyone else left). But eventually he finished and we were off for some fun and candy! J

It really was fun! Gabriel couldn’t say trick or treat but he could and did say, “Hulk Smash” J

TJ was ready for some candy (even though he didn’t want to wear his mask) and he got to have some free snacks after some finger pokes to verify Dex saying he was low. (He really enjoyed eating the candy on the go –like “normal kids” get to on Halloween.

One of the houses had a big scary spider that actually jumped out at you (motion sensor) and it scared not only G but Tony too!

Some of the houses were really decorated! And the kids all got lots of candy! J

And had lots of fun!

And we had fun walking and talking with our family and friends. J

After a new meter, a couple lows, and some free snacks for TJ the evening was a lot of fun and full of yummy food/candy. J Thank you Gerry and Barbara for letting us spend a fun evening with you. J I hope everyone had a Halloween as fun as ours! J It feels a little weird writing all of this now that it’s almost the end of January but as it says in the title: better late than never. J


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