Pumpkin Carving 2013!

Carving pumpkins is hard work. I normally leave the slimy, tough, skill requiring work for Tony, but he wasn’t interested this year. He actually worked on cleaning the kitchen while TJ and I cleaned and carved the pumpkin.

I cut out the top.

And even that took some muscle! 😉

Those seeds and slime really grip to each other when you try to lift the lid off!

TJ watched me scoop first as I tried to show him proper technique.

Then he tried scooping himself but didn’t get much.

So after a little more fun….we decided to work together.

He was unconcerned by the slimy texture.

Unlike his mom. 😉 (OK, that was mostly for show) 😉

It really took awhile to scoop out the seeds and scrape the sided clean.

But it was fun.

G was very cheerful throughout most of this process.

TJ got a little bored and entertained himself while I finished scooping and scraping.

Then I picked out a pattern (notice the easy level at the top?) and transferred it to the pumpkin.

TJ didn’t get to help with this part (the tiny tool didn’t work very well and was too easily broken) but he enjoyed watching.

Then I carved out the finer details before TJ got to help with the bigger easier lines.

He liked helping for a little bit.

But got tired of the sawing pretty quickly and left me to finish on my own.

G gave me some pointers. 😉

TJ came back for some pictures. 😉

And G gave his final approval. J

Then we lit it up to see how it turned out!

It looked way cooler in the dark!

After we made sure it was presentable, TJ helped me carry it to the front porch.

Where it joined its friends from the patch in our pumpkin display.

And was lit in the traditional way (with a candle). Don’t mind the ghost TJ or the blurry G—These are Haloween Pictures, right? 😉

We were lazy this year and didn’t bother cleaning the seeds to bake them, but a friend from school was kind enough to clean hers and give them to us. So we still got to enjoy some roasted pumpkin seeds without all the work! J Thanks Amanda! J

We hope you had as much fun carving your pumpkin as we did carving ours! J





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