Movie time!

Since G is with his auntie and uncle tonight I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a mommy and TJ “date night”. We don’t often get one on one time and I’m really excited to spend time with my first born!
I thought about how much planning we have to put into something as simple as taking TJ to a movie. It used to be so simple: you buy tickets, popcorn, and candy and munch while watching. Now we have to bring a pre-measured bag of candy with carb counts written on the bag.

I also pack an empty cup that will hold one cup of popcorn. Everything TJ eats has to be measured so we can dose him for the correct number of carbs.

To save money I also pack an empty drink cup with a straw and lid. That way I can buy a large drink and share it with TJ.

What do you have to do when you take your kids out to a movie?
Despite all the extra planning that goes into it we always have lots of fun! This time we even let TJ play a game at the theater.

He chose air hockey and guess who he played against…

Daddy helped him though…

TJ lost bit he was a good sport and had lots of fun.

Then we went in to watch previews and our movie. We saw cloudy with a chance if meatballs 2 and I was pleasantly surprised and laughed out loud more than once.

I even got to snuggle with him for the last half hour or so of the movie. 🙂

I found it slightly amusing that the whole car ride to the theater all he sang about was how much he missed G but once we got there he forgot all about having a brother. 😉


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