Scary low!

Most lows are not that scary in our house. Most lows are caught before they are below 60. In fact his first low tonight was caught at 68 and he was juiced for it. But tonight we had a scary low.

We were going to stay up and watch a movie (TJ, G, and I) but just after I started the movie I went to use the restroom (which TJ had vacated moments before) and found the roll of toilet paper half soaked. When I asked him what he did he said he dipped it in the toilet. :/ we have had many “bathroom shenanigans” discussions and I was upset that not only did he ignore prior talks but he ruined the roll of TP. So I sent him to bed where, after crying for 5 minutes or less, he promptly fell asleep. I figured he must have really been tired.

G and I were watching the movie, when Dex alerted. “BELOW 55” (what?!!? I just gave him juice a little while ago–and he had extra carbs after dinner that he wasn’t dosed for!!)
So l left G on the couch and ran upstairs with Dex, TJs kit, and a wipe. TJ was peacefully sleeping until I grabbed his hand, cleaned his fingers with the wipe and poked his pinky. This is what I saw:

I swallowed my panic and trying to sound calm told TJ that I would be right back with a hot chocolate. I didn’t bother measuring just eyeballed a Tbs of Hershey’s and a cup of milk and threw it in the microwave to warm it,making it easier (read: faster), for TJ to drink. Meanwhile G saw the milk and wanted some too. I grabbed his sippy and filled it with the same ingredients I had just mixed for TJ. When the microwave beeped I took TJs cup out, put Gs cup in, and ran back upstairs to give TJ his hot chocolate. After asking him to sit up and drink it I ran back downstairs, changed Gs diaper and gave him his sippy. Then it was back upstairs to check if TJ was done (nope). So I helped him finish quickly and asked him to lay back down.
Then Dex alerted again:

Dex can’t read anything under 40, It just says LOW.

LOW with a straight down arrow means he’s under 40 and still dropping fast. SCARY! Dex does run behind TJs actual BG and takes time to catch up but that doesn’t make that screen any less scary.

He’s starting to come up now. But I will still have to check him in a little bit to double check. Thank God for all the modern devices that help me keep my first born alive! They are by no means perfect, but Dex definitely makes it easier to sleep at night! (When G lets us) 😉


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  1. Yikes! I hope he’s doing OK now. We’ve only had one “scary” low, which took 3 juice boxes over about an hour to correct. Take care!


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