Sunshine on a sick day

The boys have had yucky congestion coughs for a couple days now and Friday I started feeling the exhaustion of my body trying to fight something off. Saturday I wasn’t feeling any better, I had sinus pressure, headache, and was just feeling tired and yucky.

Because the boys had no fever, or other symptoms they wanted to have a normal fun filled day. Thank God for the sunshine! We bundled up and headed outside. I got to sit on our new patio and keep an eye on the boys without exerting too much energy.
The boys got to play catch in the back yard. (Although no one really caught anything-maybe I should call it a game of throw?)
They picked weeds, I mean flowers. And after TJ gave me one he asked when I was going to put it in my hair. I immediately obliged, how could I not?
They picked up pine tree branches (little ones) that were blown off the trees and all over our yard and deck. Using them as brooms, keys, or whatever they imagined them to be.
TJ started not feeling well, so we checked dex and did an outside BG check.

20131006-135440.jpgThen both boys got a juice pouch.
TJ for his low and G just because his big brother got one.
They ran a little, just for fun, and then it was time for a quick lunch and a nap. While they napped I took a hot bath to relax my achey muscles (from exercising, not my cold) and to try to steam some of this gunk out if my sinuses.
It didn’t really help my sinuses. :/
Once the boys woke up I gave TJ a couple measures of the CAT test (measuring his kindergarten skills) and then we went back outside. 🙂 the boys played a little more before we had dinner (outside!) and I started a fire in our fire pit (after multiple requests for one from TJ).

For a sick day it really wasn’t too bad. The boys had fun, it was fairly low effort for me, and because we were outside, the toys didn’t get spread all over the house! 😉20131006-140556.jpg
TJs sugars were a little low, but that just meant he got extra snacks.
If only all sick days could be sunny!



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