From TJs point of view

TJ has quite the artistic eye.

And he loves sneaking my phone to take snapshots.

Sometimes I use his skills for my benefit.

Other times I have no idea he’s used my phone until after I go through my pictures later.

Sometimes he captures some really nice shots.

And sometimes they’re a little blurry
and from a different perspective.

I guess he thought some of the things on my nightstand were pretty…

And that the messy floor where his brother was rolling around was a good subject for these panoramic shots.

He really loves taking shots of random things around the house.

And he took a million shots while we walked on the Soos Creek Trail.

Really, this is a small fraction of the photos he took!

I guess he takes after me in photography…

Never just take one shot.

But I think he went a little overboard on this photo shoot.

But he sure had fun!

And he got some interesting shots.

Of his cousin, The foliage

Some strangers

And a ton of selfies.

He really does seem to have an eye for perspective and for finding interesting subjects. Even if some of them come out blurry.

I think he’s pretty tallented

But maybe I’m a little biased.

And now that I look back at these beautiful or silly pictures

I feel a little guilty for punishing him when he sneaks my phone to hone his skills.


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