Before and after pictures

I’ve been so bad over the summer when it comes to my diet and exercise goals. I was lazy and careless in my food choices but we were busy and had lots of fun family time to compensate.
The other day I was being lazy (was reading a book I couldn’t put down) and I allowed the boys some free playtime. I didn’t watch which toys they played with or what if anything they put away.

Most of the time they played nicely (although I did have to break up a few fights).
They had lots of fun, and I got to continue reading. 😉 (don’t worry, I was downstairs with them-they weren’t unsupervised)

I even took a break to play pirate with them. 🙂

This is what I found when it was time to make dinner:

I thought it would take all night to clean up the mess! But while making dinner (and while the boys ate) I sorted through the toys, grabbed two boxes (donate and back to grandmas house). I made it through all the toys within two hours! I was so amazed at how quickly I got it done. Here’s what the “after” picture looked like:

I even had an empty bin!

I’m trying to appreciate my small accomplishments since I failed in a couple major areas this summer. I’m getting back on track now that schools about to start again, and hope to finish our biggest accomplishment our back yard very soon. (I couldn’t have gotten as far as I have on that without Tony–and my dad and brothers)


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