Which came first the tantrum or the low?

After a busy day we went shopping as a whole family. Being a typical 4 yr old TJ wanted every toy/hat/shoe… he saw (that’s typical, right?) since he had not gotten a nap today every “no” or “not today” brought on tears (loud, annoying tears). We were hitting the clearance racks getting everyone new shoes (except me :p nothing good in my size) and TJ new clothes. We managed to make it to the checkout (with parental patience wearing very thin due to multiple mini meltdowns). TJ told the cashier he wanted a sticker and she responded with, “How do you ask nicely?” He said please but we told him to wait which caused an epic meltdown. I don’t know if his sugars were dropping causing his meltdown, or if his meltdown caused his sugars to drop. He was 104 (not bad at all) while he was crying and screaming so much that he kept coughing (almost to the point of puking). We calmed him down and grabbed some dinner to eat on the way to church. By this time he was 77 with a down angled arrow on Dex. We convinced him to eat some chicken nuggets to start to bring his sugars back up, but he kept complaining about not feeling well. He was no longer crying or coughing so we figured it was just his BG that was causing the yucky feeling and tried to convince him to keep eating to help him come back up into range. He kept moaning and started not looking good, so Tony told me to pull off of hwy 167 so we could pull over if he needed to puke. Just as we’re pulling into the closest parking lot TJ blows. This kid is the best puker ever! He got himself (hoodie-zipped up-and his jeans), part of his seat belt, and filled his chicken nugget box. His shirt and the rest of the car were clean. Amazing!–don’t worry, I have no pictures of the mess. 😉

After Tony–Thank God he was there!!!–cleaned him up (luckily we had an extra pair of shorts in the car, thanks to our recent shopping trip) we headed homeward-staying off the freeway for easier pulling over. Dex was showing him still dropping so, we got him to sip some juice on the way home and he managed to keep it down. Not only were his sugars dropping, but he puked up and all over the food we had just dosed him for. :/ the juice ended up being a few carbs more than his dinner (whew). Since he managed to keep that down we dosed him for and fed him a protein bar and put him to bed.

He has been sleeping peacefully ever since (with a bucket next to his bed–just in case). It alway amazes me how angelic my little trouble makers look when they finally fall asleep.




  1. Poor little guy (and poor you!). Hope he’s feeling better.


  2. A friend’s son always goes low when he has a tantrum, and we’ve had a few of those “now we interrupt this tantrum because you need juice” moments. Looks pretty crazy from the outside, doesn’t it?!


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