Dexcom G4 vs. Medtronic’s CGM

Here’s what we used to need with the Medtronic CGM:

And check out the needle!

Here’s what we need for a Dexcom G4:

With the Medtronic CGM we had to put a sticker under the CGM sticker because TJ reacted to the glue. Then we used a bigger sticker over it to keep it in place. We also had to wait for the transmitter to charge every time we changed it (every 3 days).
The Dexcom is so much easier! No charging, no visible scary needles. All we need is the sensor/inserter (all one piece) and an alcohol wipe.
Here’s how we change TJs sensor now:

Remove transmitter from old sensor.

Wipe transmitter with alcohol swab. (Sorry for the weird shadow)

Peel the sticker paper off.

Wipe TJs arm with the alcohol swab. (And let dry)

Stick the sticker to TJ.

Make sure it sticks all the way around.

Grasp the inserter (and pinch up his skin–not shown{I only have 2 hands}).

Push down the white “button”.

Pull up on the collar.

Pinch 2 plastic tabs to release the tube part of the inserter (again not pictured-too few hands)

Set the transmitter in.

Lift the little plastic lever and force the transmitter into the plastic clips

TJ likes to do this part himself.

Then we wait for the receiver to tell us to calibrate (about 1-2 hours). Which we gladly wait I order to get info like this:


This is one happy boy! “It doesn’t even hurt!” he says. And one happy mom, who depends on the graphs and trend arrows to keep his BGs in range–or as close as possible! Not to mention the ability to sleep through the night most nights, peacefully waiting for dex to wake me (or Tony–usually Tony) if TJ goes out of range.
Can I say it one more time? Thank God for Dex! 🙂
If you want to see what our Medtronic CGM insertions were like look here:  Or if you want to see how bad they hurt look here:

Sensor Changes.



  1. HEather

    Kyli is just the same. She is 3yo and does not even flinch when we put the Dexcom on! WE LOVE IT!!! Best thing we have gotten so far!


  2. No doubt – very thankful for the Dex! Glad it doesn’t bother TJID – Luke still gets freaked out by the size of the inserted. Good thing he’s never seen the Medtronic needle!


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