The good, the bad, and the ugly

I’m going to write this post backwards and start with the ugly so I can end on a positive note. πŸ˜‰

The Ugly:
While doing yard work this afternoon I uncovered a hornets nest. Boy were they pissed! I spent about 5 minutes shaking my ponytail trying to get one out of my hair. (my neighbors must’ve thought I was crazy!) Tony had just made a run to Home Depot and the boys were playing right by the nest. I took them away from the nest and into the back yard when G started rubbing his head and crying. TJ was looking at his leg saying there was one on him and then cried out in pain. I rushed the boys in the house, trying to brush one off of Gs pants. We get inside and shut the door thinking we’re safe when G holds his hand up and has one between his pinky and ring finger it got him and then I got it. Poor boy got stung twice!

The rest of those little buggers didn’t make it either. Tony came home from the store with a bottle of wasp and hornet spray.

The Bad:
Gs little pinky is still a little swollen and he kept grabbing his head crying because of the pain. And although I made a entertaining sight for the neighbors I wasn’t stung and I feel a little guilty since the little buggers only got my innocent little boys. 😦


The Good:
TJs sugars have been in range more than they’ve been out of range! It’s so exciting when Dex shows him not only in range but steady! He’s had a couple lows lately, but thanks to Dex we usually catch those early and get him back up in range.

I don’t know if its the phase of the moon or what, but I’m just grateful that we are getting a couple days of good (although we never say numbers are good or bad in front of TJ, since we often have no idea why they are in or out of range) and hopeful that we can keep on going this way for a little longer. πŸ™‚



  1. I can imagine the chaos of the hornets. My son was stung by four when we accidentally stumbled into a nest hiking two summers ago. He had never been stung and it was terrifying because they were burrowing into his clothing. And now that he’s a new T1D, I have this horrible fear of going hiking (times two!) alone with him. 😦


    • TJs sugars weren’t effected at all by the sting (although he only got stung once) and it didn’t seem to bother him much until his little brother kept crying. How recently was your little one dxd?


      • Jan. 4 of this year so almost seven months. I just feel very panicky and anxious about emergencies and what I would do….I am a single mom so any kind of adventure is typically just me and the kids.


      • Yeah, I understand. It’s hard enough going out with 2 kids (outnumbered) and then throw unpredictable D in the mix…. πŸ˜›


      • Exactly!!


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