I finally feel like my yard is coming together. The pretty lawn furniture my in laws gave us for Christmas last year is a big part of that feeling.



I got some one on one time with TJ! We went and saw Turbo together while Tony stayed home with G. It was lots of fun and totally worth the high BGs we were fighting later (the popcorn and candy was so yummy!) even though he was dosed for more carbs than he actually ate.


“Is that chocolate or poop?” One of my favorite movie quotes. 😉 don’t worry, this is definitely chocolate from his ice cream cone. 🙂


We had a super fun play date at a bouncy house place today.

Both boys thoroughly enjoyed the giant slides and jumping around.

I was less than thrilled that “Dex” TJs CGM was not working while we were there (see the blank spot?). I was reminded of what it was like on the Medtronic CGM: no signal even when he wore the receiver. 😦 It meant I had to pull him away from the fun to check his sugars. Good thing I did because he was a little low from all that running around. (93) he got to enjoy a 10 carb juice and then run back into the fray. Funny enough seeing him drinking his juice reminded all the other kids that they were thirsty too. (The power of suggestion.) 😉 As soon as we left the bouncy house the signal returned and Dex worked fine.

It really was a fun day! 🙂 and I’m so thankful that even though Dex was uncooperative I was still able to catch the low early and bring him back up.

Did you notice the 2 down arrows up there? I’m fighting lows again tonight (54) (looks like he had more fun than I thought) 😉 Praying the chocolate milk I just woke him up to drink brings him back into range! (I really hate waking him to force sugar down his throat!)

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  1. Thanks for joining! I love your lawn furniture — looks like it provides great family times 🙂


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