Quick catch up

Life has been a crazy sometimes chaotic experience so far this summer. We’ve had some fun play dates (with more scheduled).
We took TJ to a T1 day camp that Marybridge children’s hospital puts on for little kids with type 1 diabetes every year.

It’s just a couple hours one day, but its fun and he gets to see his dr and nurses in a fun environment and have a couple hours surrounded by kids going through the same daily trials of dealing with D.
They had lots of fun things set up for the kids to do and had clowns making balloon animals and face painting and yummy food.


One clown performed a skit for the kids.


They invited family members to join in the fun and this is the second time (out of 2) that TJs grandparents and cousin have been able to join us.

We also ran into a friend we met through an online T1 Facebook group.

It was nice that tony didn’t feel like the only dad there for a change. 😉
We got lots of fun freebies for TJ including a new pump pouch. He got to choose and he picked skulls ( he’s so into pirates right now–I can’t wait to take him on the pirates of the Caribbean ride next summer!)
TJ helped me sell a house too. He wanted to go with me to show houses and since it was my brother and sister in law I knew they wouldn’t mind (much). I packed him a lunch to eat in the car with carb counts all figured out (ever prepared) and when I went to open his new pump pouch the zipper was stuck. I tried and tried to get it to open and it wouldn’t. I couldn’t dose him without taking the pump out, so I used my Christmas present for the first time. (A knife Tonys Aunt and Uncle got for me.)


I cut the fabric of the zipper (so its repairable) and dosed him.

He was a little sad, but I told him that I would fix it for him. Of course when I went to show Tony that the zipper was stuck it unzipped with ease. 😛

Over the last week or two my back has been hurting off and on (usually just when I bend a certain way or after I do too much –like lift G a lot) it hasn’t been too bad, I’ve been taking IB profin for it and that seemed to help. I think I my have bitten off more than I could chew today though. I took both boys to TJs swim lesson alone. Which meant carrying and holding G the almost the whole time (even while removing and reattaching pump and goggles and drying off TJ) so G couldn’t escape and run into the water. 😉
My back is complaining loudly right now (as I lay flat on my back typing this out on my phone). We have lots of fun things to do including: a play date at a bouncy house, shopping for a toy for TJ (because he FINALLY passed the swimming kick test and gets to learn something new–4 sessions later) and swim lessons. Because of the fun planned I think I’m going to go take a couple more IBs and try to relax a little– I really want to not hurt all day long tomorrow! 🙂

So much for that plan!  Just as I was finishing this post, TJ’s Dex alarmed (Low–65 with a straight down arrow) 😦  I went up to check him and he was really in the low 100’s (not to bad–but not great for night time).  But there was something else I realized while dealing with this…..his battery in his pump was almost dead (so much so that it couldn’t receive the BG from his meter).  I frantically searched the house for a AAA battery. There weren’t any in his kit, the travel tote of back up supplies, the “battery drawer”, or anywhere else I remembered seeing batteries. Here I am panicking—If I can’t find a AAA battery his pump will not give him the insulin he needs to stay alive, his BG will skyrocket until I can get a battery in there.  One more frantic search of the office reveals half of a Costco size container of AAA batteries on the desk behind a bunch of paper work.  😦  Is it really so hard to put all the batteries in the same place?  Grrr!  I’m not happy with my hubby for creating this stress for me by moving that batch of batteries (or not putting them where he should have).  Now, I’m going to finally get my IB and maybe a rum and diet coke and try to veg out for a bit and relax….wish me luck….with all this adrenalin pumping through my veins I’ll be lucky if I sleep tonight….  😦


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