I was sitting on the couch, folding my 50th load of laundry today, both boys were asleep in their beds, and Dex hasn’t alerted any changes in TJs BG (not high, low, or changing fast). I was just about to get up and choose a new movie to watch when I heard a little voice call out “mama, mama?” Suddenly I’m panicking! As I jump up and run upstairs to turn on the hall light and look in his room all I can think is: “is he low? Still too high? I should have checked for ketones when he was high at bedtime! Is he sick? Feeling pukey?”

I get to his door and look in and his bed is empty, more panic… I hear him call me again (from his bathroom? Or my bedroom?) I turn around and he’s covering his eyes and squinting as he comes out of my room (bright hall lights). I rush to him asking if he’s ok. He says,”I had to go pee.”

He’s back in bed, I’m downstairs again, checking dex for highs/lows trying to decide if I should check him again (bg: 156 and steady) thank God! Then I hear it again, the same little voice calling the same word over and over. I rush back upstairs and head into his room and he says,”I have to go pee”. I ask, “Didn’t you just go?” “Yes, I have to go pee”. He goes and gets back in bed. I ask him, “are you going to call me again?” He smiles and says “yes.” And when I ask what about he points to his eyes. I’m not sure what that meant, he was probably still asleep. I’m betting he was looking for me and didn’t actually go potty the first time but didn’t realize it because he was still asleep, walking around calling for me.

I don’t know (maybe I should remember from when he was younger) what other parents first thoughts are when their child calls out for them in the middle of the night, but those were mine.
This doesn’t happen very often, he usually just gets up and goes to the bathroom on his own, so maybe that’s why I panicked. I’m just thankful that he is back in range and back in bed asleep…again.

And that G slept through it all.



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