Allergies, Snot, and Ketones

After a super fun day I expected everyone to sleep through the night (including Tony and me–for a change). Sadly I was wrong. G kept fussing because he kept having trouble breathing. He started being snotty at our play date earlier in the day and hasn’t gotten any better. We were managing to catch a few zzzzz’s when TJ started calling out that he wasn’t feeling good. We checked his sugars and they were in the 140s (right in range). He kept coughing and then went into the bathroom and vomited (have I mentioned how glad I am that he always manages to puke in the toilet or a bucket? He’s amazing!) Tony checked it out and said it looked like snot. I guess all three of my boys are having allergy issues this week. TJ said he still didn’t feel good, so we checked for ketones: 0.2 (which is trace).

Not good that he had ketones, but good that they’re still minimal. We got him to eat a fruit and veggie pouch so we could give him some insulin to battle those ketones. He went back to bed and slept through the night. G however woke up crying at least once an hour. The poor boy is so snotty!


This morning it looks like we are having a movie day, relaxing on the couch with boxes of Kleenex.

We rechecked TJ for ketones this morning and they’re gone! Yay!


Hopefully all three of my boys can get over these allergies quickly (or the air will clear quickly) so we can get back out there and start having fun again!

We haven’t made it to the zoo yet this summer! Hopefully soon! đŸ™‚




  1. Yay for targeting the toilet! I truly believe that teaching kids to puke in the toilet or a bucket is an important life skill!
    Hope everyone’s feeling better today.


  2. Ugh – I think we spent the entire first year after dx on the couch doing family movie day, due to the little guy being sick. Allergies are bad right now – hope you all get a break!


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