I’m a little tired of our schizophrenic weather around here crazy rain storms after 20 minutes of warm sunshine. But I’m learning to take the boys outside when it is sunny and I do love the pretty rainbows and listening to the crazy thunderstorms!


We went to the park today with a friend and her daughter and it was so cute watching TJ try to lead her around and help her down the slides.

He’s such a baby lover! And I was really impressed with how he was brave enough to walk up to other kids he didn’t know and talk to them and try to play with them. He’s growing up so quickly!


G made quite the impression on our little friend. She just wanted to hug and kiss him all night long!

He seemed to think she was a little too clingy, but he gave her some love right back (once he was in her grasp)! 😉


My poor little man has so much to deal with and he does it with such nonchalance and strength. It seems that we can get his numbers under control for a week or two and then he’s running high again. I don’t know if he’s having growth spurts which affect his BGs or if its the warm weather causing his insulin to be less effective or if its the phases of the moon but I refuse to give up! We are going to keep adjusting pump settings and do everything in our power to keep this boy in range!

We are really glad that we haven’t been fighting lows lately but even with tons of exercise he keeps running high. Time for some more adjustments!

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  1. Look at those awesome nails! Hope your Little Mister gets back in the blue soon. And that picture of the babies kissing was too much! 🙂


  2. I noticed your nails right away, too! Very pretty!

    I am also so sick of these summer storms. Rainbows are nice enough, but I’m ready for some sun already!! 🙂


    • Thanks! I had just painted a couple of nails trying to repair a previous polish job. LOL looks like you’ll get your wish for sun next week!


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