Summer fun and healthy changes

Summer is finally here! No more school! 😃 I get to be a stay at home mom for about 2 months. I’m so excited about getting to spend lots of time with my boys and getting out and spending time with friends too.

We got to go to Leavenworth for a weekend and the weather was beautiful there! The boys and I got lots of time in the pool and we did a little shopping too.

TJ practiced his swimming (but forgot a lot if what he learned in swim lessons) and G spent some time getting used to the water.

I miss the sunshine and the pool!

Since we’ve been back we’ve seen more thunderstorms and rain showers than we have sunshine. But there’ve been some pretty rainbows too!

Today we took both boys to see Monsters U. It was definitely a learning experience! TJ did great (although he did need to use the restroom before the movie was over). G was great for most of the movie but about three quarters of the way through he wanted to walk around while watching the movie (and not quietly). I think when we take TJ to see Despicable Me 2 we’ll have to get a sitter for G.

We had lots of fun figuring out how to count carbs and dose TJ for his movie snacks. 😝 We ended up measuring how much water a plastic cup holds and then bringing it with us to the theater and filling said cup with popcorn. I also pre measured candy and put it in a ziplock and wrote the carb count on it. When we got in the theater we dosed him for all his snacks and let him enjoy them while he watched the movie.

He had been running high all day, so we figured it would be better to dose him all up front rather than over an hour or 2 (besides he gobbled up his popcorn pretty quick!)

Today tony and I have finally started getting back in track health wise. We are trying to make better choices about meals and portion size (again). I don’t know why it’s so hard to stick to eating healthy and exercising! But we are back at it (finally!) some weight gain and general yucky feeling from eating too much junk have re-motivated us hopefully we’ll stick to it this time!

We even started back into our p90 workouts. Tony picked a tough one to start out at (cardio interval training) but we powered through the whole video. I think we’ll pick an easier one tomorrow!

We also got the swing set mostly up. Tony needs to attach the swing set end posts to the posts he concreted into the ground and then attach the swings and we’re in business. For now the boys are enjoying climbing the rock wall and going down the slide (TJ is too afraid to go up if he sees spiderwebs though).

We are just waiting for the weather to start cooperating so we can get outside and play some more! 😃 Did I mention summer is my favorite season? 😉


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