A fun filled Saturday

I started out busy cleaning, bathrooms (why did I ever want 3?) floors, kitchen. After that I did some school work with TJ and then it was nap time! Usually my mommy relaxation time, but not today! I got my yard work clothes on and headed outside. I weed whacked most of the backyard edges and around the new swing set (trying to make it easier to paint). I couldn’t finish all the back yard because the weed whacker strings were too short and I don’t know how to change them (boy job). So I broke out the paint (again) and painted more of the swing set (4th day of painting-and still not done 😕). Then the boys woke up so we had lunch.

Then we finger painted.

G went first while TJ ate an otter pop.

I think he enjoyed the gooey feeling on his fingers more than putting it on the paper.

Then TJ got a turn.

So fun!

G entertained himself.

While TJ painted.

We did a little more school work too. TJ practiced writing his numbers in finger paint.

A couple different ways.

TJ asked me what a hydrangea looks like and since mine aren’t blooming, I tried to paint one for him.

What do you think?

G kept entertaining himself.

And I had to keep running to the neighbors yard and the end of our driveway to drag him back.

He sure had fun!

And now, while I’m writing this blog on my phone, they are playing in the water.

G wasn’t interested until I gave him the hose.

And told him to get TJ.

Our neighbor, Sal just came over and asked TJ about his dexcom sensor on his arm. TJ said, “oh, this it’s a sensor.”
Sal asked what a sensor is. TJ responded with,”it’s a CGM” as if everyone should know what that is and it’s no big deal. I explained to Sal that it tells us what TJs sugars are.

His sugars have been high all day and now he’s heading back into range. I guess that means its time for dinner and another spike. I think my plan for tonight is dinner, tubs for the boys and bed. And then some more swing set painting for me. Happy Saturday! I’m desperately looking forward to summer days like this only better, with Tony home.


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