Five Minute Friday: Fall

Fall the word encompasses so many meanings! I feel like I’m falling often-off my diet or just spinning out of control emotionally. I watch TJs sugar levels fall (or wait hoping they will) and I see little G crash and fall many times a day.

We’ve really been tweaking TJs insulin and trying to get his dosage just right lately. I’m not sure if its working yet, it seems like his numbers rise and fall a little but then just rise again. We currently have him hanging right around or just above 200. That’s ok, but I’d really like to see him under 200 most of the day!

The dexcom had really helped us with all of this, showing us his trends so we can make good choices about dosage changes. I’m so glad we were able to get him on the G4 and pray that dexcom comes out with their next couple generations of CGMs quickly! They are working on one you don’t have to calibrate (tell it what your BG is at) at all and on one that wirelessly updates to the web, so we could see TJs trends and BGs from work or across the country!

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  1. I sat perplexed when I tried to write using this prompt, but only for a moment! I am sure you will get those levels where you need them to be. It was nice to visit you from FMF today. The background of your blog is very pretty!


    • Thank you for visiting! Hydrangeas are my favorite flower I took that picture at our local zoo. 😃


  2. Hope your son’s blood sugar gets stable soon. My brother was diagnosed with diabetes as a teen. He’s in his 40’s now, doing well.

    Mary, momma to many


  3. Mel

    The word “fall” really does have so many different meanings, doesn’t it? I’m the mama of a toddler and thought about going the crash-y route, too…though she seems to be much more coordinated than her mama! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my space…wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  4. Praying for you.


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