Boy jobs and girl jobs

I’ve always been a firm believer in “boy chores” and “girl chores” (well maybe more in boy chores and everybody chores 😉 Since I expect Tony to help clean the kitchen and vacuum the floors). Mowing, weed whacking, car work, and house repairs have always been boy jobs in our house. don’t get me wrong, I help with home repair I know how to use a drill and a saw but I’m usually the “assistant” on these sorts of jobs. I have never used a mower or a weed whacker before, even as a kid that was always my brothers or dads job.

Today I was painting the window trim that Tony had just cut and I figure out ways to entertain the boys.


And keep them out of the way while Tony works.

I even helped keep the board from bowing while it was being cut.

After all that the boys were playing outside and the grass was almost as tall as Gabriel, so….I broke the gender barrier! For the first time ever, I not only started the mower but mowed the whole front yard! Girl power!
Tony has been working so hard on studying for his bachelors that I have been trying to let him do fewer chores around the house and since he had to work today after cutting those boards (a measly 4 hour shift–don’t get me started on that!) and hasn’t had time to mow lately, I tried something new and did a boy job (maybe that means he’ll have to clean the toilets now?) and was successful! Maybe after we finish fixing the window tonight he can mow the back and finally finish setting up the swing set for the boys!
While we were busy in the garage we finally broke out TJs paints (that we’ve had since Christmas 2012) and let him be an artist for awhile.

He really seamed to enjoy it (although it was hard for mommy and daddy not to “help” 😉


I think he might get some more art time after his nap. 😃 So fun! We’ll just need to set up a separate easel for mommy and daddy! LOL



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