Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


This is one of our many “pretty” or in range BGs we’ve seen more frequently lately. Loving the numbers we’ve been getting since we adjusted some of TJs pump settings (without help from his Dr. –brave parents now that we have the dexcom G4!)

Maybe not pretty but definately handsome! 😉 G is getting so big. He still refuses to talk (although he’s attempting more words now) he has become even more expressive lately.


This is what TJs CGM was doing before adjustments (not happy #s )

And this is what it’s been showing us after we tweaked his basal a bit. We think we might have to adjust his carb ratios a little now, and he obviously still has high moments during the day, but 200-300 is way better than the 400+ that we were seeing. Can I just say again that I love our new g4? We are only brave enough to make these changes because of the accuracy of the g4 and the fact that we keep the receiver in our room at night and it wakes us up if he goes too low or too high.

We had a play date with another T1 family today. The boys had fun playing on the mall play area toys while the other mom and I visited. I’m so excited to be making new friends and for TJ to be able to hang out with other kids going through the same things.


My boys crack me up! Especially when we finally get some time outside together. So looking forward to summer!


More funny
We have a 2nd story window leaking in our bonus room when it rains. On Memorial Day we planned to assess the damage and attempt to repair it. Since the forecast was wrong (not dry and cloudy) we decided to have a movie day instead. After an early dinner we noticed it was no longer raining and decided to at least assess the damage. Once the trim around the window was off we headed to the hardware store to buy the materials for the repair (still dry)
We made our purchases and headed back to the car only to find that it was now pouring. The only way to get the 10ft long boards home was to run them through the front passenger side window from the back of the car.

So I got to drive home with the window down and boards next to my head during a torrential downpour. I was soaked on my right side by the time we got home. And the widow still has no trim and a big gap between the window frame and the siding because we are still waiting on some dry weather before Tony will climb the ladder to install it.


All the fun stuff we’ve been doing and fun we’ve been having have been in spit of my constant sinus annoyances and ears itching/hurting. After months of feeling tired and crappy I finally went to an ear nose and throat specialist. And low and behold I have a double ear infection and a sinus infection. I really didn’t think it was that bad, my ears were the worst but I had no idea what was wrong with them. 😕 Now I know. And have the meds to prove it! Three prescriptions and two weeks of walking around with cotton balls in my ears should solve the problems. I hope. And tomorrow I get to go back to the eye dr and (hopefully) get approval to wear contacts again. I’m definitely praying those annoying bumps under my eyelids that were keeping my contacts from hanging out in the right position are gone! I miss my contacts! Glasses are not fun. 😝

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