It finally arrived!
I haven’t even seen any BGs on it yet but I’m already in love!
The receiver (in the kitchen) was reading the signal from the sensor in TJs arm while he was upstairs in his bed! Did I say love? 😘20130430-204736.jpg
The needle is hidden inside the inserter, so it’s not so scary.
After I inserted it in TJs arm he said,”it didn’t even poke!”. (Love!)
It’s a little bigger than his previous sensor and I think next time I’ll insert it vertically (it should fit better on his arm that way). But he’s a happy boy, and if the numbers are accurate (which almost everyone swears it is) I’ll be one happy dmom! With his receiver in our room tonight we will actually be able to hear any low or high alerts. I can’t express how happy, excited, grateful, ecstatic I am right now! Thank God our insurance covered it and (bonus!) the sensors are less expensive than medtronics sensors!
I am officially saying goodbye to this:
And hello to this:



  1. Kevin

    That’s great news for the Ortiz family!!


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