Adventures in Egg free baking

I’ve been in a baking kind of mood lately and have been trying some new recipes all without eggs. Most of the recipes call for eggs, but I just replace them with flax meal. It’s worked out pretty well so far. The hard part isn’t replacing the egg in recipes, it’s figuring out how many carbs are in each serving!

First I experimented with a Jewish apple cake recipe that was posted on Facebook. I replace all 4 eggs with flax meal and water (thanks Stephanie L. for the info about flax meal!) I let TJ help me make it.

He measured the flax meal for me

And helped sift the four. And then I was in a hurry and he just got to watch from then on. I didn’t take any pictures of the finished product, but it was awesome!!! Chunks of apple in a moist cake with lots of cinnamon, delicious!

Next I tried my hand at home made donuts and once again, TJ was my kitchen assistant.

G wanted to help too, but just got to watch.
I should have proofed the yeast, but I didn’t think about doing It until I had already mixed it with some of the other ingredients. And I think that’s why they didn’t quite turn out.

I didn’t have a donut cutter, so I had to be creative in the cutter department. Tony found the ring from a bullet cup and it worked like a charm! I went shopping for a donut cutter before starting but couldn’t find one (I didn’t go to a kitchen store) but I was looking for something that would work for the center hole too. This is what I found:

They worked like a charm! The green one (designed for coring regular sized cupcakes) was the perfect size. And the pink one (for coring mini cupcakes) kept G entertained (briefly).


So I rolled the dough.

And cut out the donut.

And TJ cut out the center hole (which I saved for donut holes)

After cutting them all out, I put them on cookie sheets and let them attempt to rise again.

I don’t think the yeast was good though, because it took forever for them to rise the first time and the didn’t really seem to rise much after they were cut out.

While waiting for the second rise and during the baking time I cleaned up most of the mess and the boys had some fun playing in the water.
Once they finished cooking and cooling I dipped them in butter and cinnamon sugar. They ended up being more the texture of bagels than donuts, but they had good flavor.

Everyone that I shared one with ate the whole thing, not one donut/bagel went unfinished.

The hard part was figuring how many carbs were on each donut and donut hole. I input the recipe into my calorie counting ap, but realized a little late that I should have made all donuts or all donut holes. 😐 I ended up weighing all the donuts and holes and figuring the carbs by weight, but it was still an average for each and it seems that some donuts had more carbs than others because after being dosed for his donut TJ still had a BG of over 400. Of course that could have been because of the phase the moon was in. 😉

I also made some little snack bites. They were really easy, just melt white chocolate chips and stir in dried apricots and almonds. I kept trying to find higher protein, lower carb fruits and nuts for this and ended up making a second batch with semisweet chips, apricots, sunflower seeds, and almonds. Tony liked the first batch best, but he’s prefers white chocolate.
Everything turned out yummy even if not exactly the way I expected.

If I have time maybe I’ll add the recipes for some of these things later if people let me know if you are interested.



  1. Those snack bites look yummy! Just curious…are you baking egg-free because of an allergy?


    • Yes, they are! My 1 year old was diagnosed with a severe egg allergy at about 9 months old.


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