Rules, what rules?

We’ve won the first battle in getting TJs new Dexcom G4! After two weeks (and multiple calls to TJs Drs office) Dexcom finally received the prescription and can start the pre authorization through Aetna! (Now we need lots of prayer so that Aetna covers it)


It would be so much easier to take care of TJ with a sensor that is more accurate and easier to calibrate, especially since diabetes doesn’t play by the rules! I postponed calibrating TJs CGM because he had just had a snack and insulin when i picked him up. Dinner time was right around the corner and I thought I could outsmart diabetes and the CGM. For dinner I fed TJ 2 hotdogs (no bun) 1 slice of cheddar cheese, and 1/4 cup of green beans (carb count: 5) no insulin required!
So I should have been able to check his sugars and calibrate at bed time because the high protein, low carb dinner should have been out of his system after 2 hours.

When I checked his CGM before dinner he had a down arrow (from his snack time dose of insulin) so I couldn’t calibrate. When I put him to bed he was past the calibration time (no info at all) so I checked his sugars and he had come down since dinner time. I waited, thinking he was still coming down and that I shouldn’t calibrate yet and checked him again a little later.

He was still dropping. I figured it was as stable as I was going to see before I went to bed, so I calibrated. What should have happened: he should have stayed level (lots of protien) or come up slightly (5 uncovered carbs) but not last night!
I also came up with a new dessert for TJ on nights like this, or when he’s high and we don’t want him going higher because of dessert. I put cream cheese and sugar free vanilla syrup in my smallest bullet blender and whipped it up. I only gave TJ a taste, but he really liked it. It’s only 1 carb per ounce!

I put it in the freezer so he can try it frozen.

This is how he was sleeping when I went up to check on him. Not sure how he got so tangled in his sheet! Crazy boy!


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