Spring break!!!

It’s spring break!!! I was so excited for a whole week with no school, no teaching other people’s kids and lots of quality family time. And I got it!

After spending the whole first weekend cleaning my house from top to bottom (while taking care of my two handsome children) we had a very early morning on Monday. At TJs endocrinologist appointment first thing in the morning we received good news and bad news. The good news was that the dr didn’t fight us at all about switching to the dexcom continuos glucose monitor. I was actially a little frustrated because she proceeded to tell us the 1 good thing about having the Medtronic cgm (that it reads out on the pump) and then told us all the reasons that the dexcom is better: you can pick up kids BGs while they’re playing sports, less painful, you don’t have to dig into your kids bed blankets and pjs to see their sugars at night…she didn’t mention the much better accuracy). It was really hard for me to bite my tongue and stay polite since given an option in the beginning I know I would have chosen a dexcom CGM over medtronics. But anyway, the process is started! I called dexcom on Friday to see if they had the prescription from the drs office and they didn’t, so I called the dr and was told they were having the dr sign it Monday and would be faxing it over then. Hmmm, I guess I’ll have to keep bugging our drs office until we get the dexcom in hand. (I’m so ready to be done with the Medtronic CGM!!!)

And those scary needles!
The bad news was that TJs A1c was 7.9 (up from last time at 7.5). 😕 Not surprising considering he’s been running high so much over the previous week. We thought it was a growth spurt or his cold messing with his numbers, turns out he just became less sensitive to insulin (possibly due to a growth spurt) and needed his ratios changed. It’s crazy that before he rarely got even 1 unit of insulin for a meal and now he’s getting 2 units at some meals. And he’s still running on the high side, I’m probably going to have to call the drs office about changing his ratios some more if he doesn’t start spending more time in his range. 😕

We finished off our Monday with a party at our house. We had our priest Fr Joe over to bless our house (a Byzantine Catholic annual tradition-and the reason for our whole house cleaning) and he and the other friends and family who had their houses blessed stayed for a delicious pot luck dinner at our house. Unfortunately it was so much fun that we all stayed later than i had expected, so we couldn’t make it to TJs swim class, so he missed one night, but that’s ok he went Wednesday and with his new teacher was swimming from the edge of the pool to the instructor by himself! A huge improvement from his last lesson! We are so excited to watch him become a strong swimmer!
We had a play date this week and the boys and I really enjoyed ourselves (despite a couple mishaps). TJ got to play with some beautiful little girls (one his age and the other a little younger). And I got to visit with another young mom and friend. Win win! 😃

TJ found some chalk and thought it would be fun to color on one of their indoor toys while we were there (I was mortified!) but was met with such gracious understanding and kindness that it eased my guilt.

G was trying to get some markers down from a shelf in her kitchen and managed to break the jelly jar they were stored in. I thought those were a lot tougher than that. It must have landed in just the right way to shatter. Despite the craziness we had a really great visit and the kids had fun too! 😉

We made it to the zoo again and this time with another friend and her daughter. Due to some yucky weather we ended up seeing fewer animals than normal but we found some areas that we usually miss too!

We found a play area in the temperate forest and we got to spend some time in zoomasium which we usually put off until the end by which time the boys are then too tired to go.

We also got to spend some quality time at home this week!

Working on TJs schoolwork.

Which led us into some fun times with play dough.

TJ helped me make two meals one day. First he helped make crescent wrapped hotdogs for lunch.

And after his nap he helped me make mini pizzas on biscuits. Two hit meals in one day! And TJ was a great helper in the kitchen!

For the most part G cooperated while we were so busy, either entertaining himself with toys, or sitting in his high hair with some snacks.

We even found some time for a date night! Thanks to my parents watching the boys while we were out with friends for dinner and a movie. 😃 I’m really becoming fond of the outback steak house, it’s really yummy and easier for me to make lower calorie choices.

It really was a great spring break (especially compared to last spring break which was almost entirely spent in the hospital thanks to TJ being diagnosed with diabetes). This spring break we visited with friends, relaxed at home, and enjoyed some grown up time too!
I have to admit, I surprised myself this week. Not only did we have time for everything I just wrote about, but I managed to keep the house clean too! I’m usually very lazy about housework (putting off cleaning the kitchen until I can’t stand it anymore and letting laundry pile up waiting to be folded and put away until its a mountain in the hall) but this week I managed to keep it all neat and tidy, cleaning the kitchen after every meal and folding clothes and putting them away every other day or so, I even vacuumed after almost every meal–it’s crazy how messy those boys are when they eat! My laziness and procrastination issues were just a couple of the reasons I used to think I could never be a stay at home mom. Now I dream of it, I know it wouldn’t be perfect either but in some ways it would be so much easier! Keeping house, homeschooling, taking care of the kids, preparing family meals…the more I think about it the more it sounds like a dream job!
It is really going to be hard to go back to school next week: early mornings, other people’s kids and all the drama and change that seems to occur there everyday is pretty hard to cope with sometimes (especially on limited sleep) but hopefully this week of sleeping in and occasional napping has me refreshed and ready to go next Monday. But right now I need to go pop some popcorn so We can enjoy it and watch a movie in our pajamas on our last relaxing day of spring break.

We had an extra treat of peanut m&ms in our popcorn and once the movie was over I had to use the vacuum again! Cleaned all the popcorn off the couch and floor. 😉

I almost forgot! I also didn’t gain any weight this week! I didn’t loose any but I was really not eating very well most of the week (thank you Easter candy! 😝) but I also finally started exercising again. So it balanced out a little. My goal is to keep my workout routine going (thanks for the extra pushes in that department Tony!) and get back to my calorie counting and smoothies. Hopefully by doing both I’ll reach my weight goal by July! I’m only 5 pounds away from my pre-baby weight and 30 away from my ultimate goal.



  1. What a sweet family, A whole week together is a good week!


    • Thanks! It was pretty great. I am blessed in that I get all the school breaks including summers with my kids. 😃


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