We dyed Easter eggs!

I have so much to do today and I’ve gotten off to a pretty good start, but I’ve just put the boys down for a nap and seem to have lost my motivation. So, I decided to blog instead and maybe sew for a little bit before tackling my monstrous list of to dos today. 😃 Procrastinating? Absolutely! 😉

Still in our pajamas we finally cleaned the house enough for me to be ready to dye eggs.

I pre filled the cups with warm water and vinegar and let TJ put the color tablets in.

The tablets are a year old and I don’t know if that’s why, but some of the colors didn’t dissolve (without help crushing them with the spoon). But we got it all ready and started putting the eggs in the cups of dye.

At first we had a few casualties while trying to get them to the cups (and a couple broke while boiling)

I figured out a good method once TJ and I each broke one.
He held the spoon in the cup against the edge and I put the egg on the spoon so he could lower it into the dye.

When they were all done with their dye bath he scooped them up with the spoon until I could grab them.

Am I too controlling?

He had fun and we kept the mess to a minimum.

I kept Gabriel locked in his highchair and out of trouble. He really wanted to help too, but I couldn’t handle that! Next year (and hopefully with Tony home to help) Gabriel can have a turn too.

We gave him his own eggs to play with (plastic) but he had more fun with the toys.

In the middle of our project TJs pump alarm went off.

A delayed high from breakfast? I don’t know. He had plenty of active insulin in his system, so I silenced the alarm and while we waited for it to bring him down into range we finished coloring eggs.

As the last batch if eggs finished soaking up some color TJ had his first hard boiled egg as a snack. (One of our casualties)

He LOVED it (with no salt and pepper too!) just gobbled it up and asked for another one! Luckily they are low carb, so they didn’t affect his high blood sugar (or require another dose of insulin).

After eating two, he asked for another! I told him he could have more tomorrow, after Fr Joe blesses them in our Easter basket.



Some evidence of today’s accomplishment!
That’s our first bit of fun for today. Now I have to go make sure TJ is sleeping (doesn’t sound like it) and actually cross some more things off my to do list for today! Before they get up and we have more fun! (Birthday party here we come!)



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