Ortiz update

I haven’t been very good about updating my blog lately, so here goes (all in one post)!

Gabriel’s allergy test results came back and he’s not allergic to wheat! Yay! He is allergic to eggs (duh, we already knew that) but we did find out that’s he’s allergic to the albumin which means he can’t have eggs even if they’re baked in something else. And the only other thing he’s allergic to is peanuts, but its a mild allergy (he just gets a little red on his face). That makes our lives a little easier (menu planning).
He has been talking on the (pretend) phone a lot lately even while drinking!

Tj has been doing really well on his school work. He knows all his capital letter names and almost all the lowercase letters and sounds! He’s been sounding out words to me too! Mat, tot, and Sam are a sample of what he can read. I introduced him to Starfall.com last week and he loves it! He’ll spend hours clicking on letters to match upper and lower case and playing all their alphabet games.

Right now we use it as a reward (or bribe) after he does his school work.

Gabriel likes Starfall too! He just stood there and watched while TJ played.

I took the boys to church last Friday night and they both fell asleep in the car on the way there. I wish I had a third hand so I could have taken a picture of me carrying both boys in. Gabriel was on my back (in the ergo) and I clipped TJs backpack to me and slung my purse over my shoulder before picking TJ up. I think getting all of us and our bags in there by myself was quite a feat! I have started using the ergo more lately and it has been a big help! Yesterday I emptied our tall bookcase while Gabriel was on my back (since he refused to nap) and its been a lifesaver at church lately too. I’m surprised that Gabriel doesn’t fight being in it very much when he’s tired (although he still fights sleeping until the bitter end).

They both fell asleep on the way home that night too, but I carried them in one at a time there.

Yesterday was so beautiful that I took the boys outside to play for a little while after TJ napped.

In just about an hour we managed to play soccer, t-ball, and frisbee with one of our neighbor kids.

All Gabriel wanted to do was go to the edge of hills and try to fall down them (at least that’s what I envisioned when I saw him standing at or walking toward the precipice).

TJ had lots of fun and I think it’s the first time we actually played with the neighbor since last summer!


I think I figured out why Gabriel has been refusing to eat, he wants to eat by himself but not finger foods, he wants to use silverware like everyone else! I gave him spaghetti and he wouldn’t eat it until I gave him a fork. Looks like meals just got a little more complicated (since he’s not really able to get the food onto the silverware let alone from there into his mouth) fun times ahead for us!



After a very busy day yesterday I once again decided the boys hair was too long and got out the clippers to trim them up. While I was cutting TJs hair this is how Gabriel entertained himself:

he dragged the box across the room flipped it upside down and climbed up to sit on it.

I don’t know how he didn’t fall!
That’s what we’ve been up to in our free time. 😃 hopefully I’ll get back on track with my writing and stop being such a slacker!


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