What’s he want?

Tony scored some brownie points tonight. He bought all the ingredients and made a fresh batch of homemade salsa! One of my all time favorites.

He did cheat a little and buy some pre-chopped onions but he cut up all the peppers and tomatoes by hand as usual.

I can’t remember the last time he made me salsa (he makes it but never eats it).

It’s my own fault that he hasn’t made it in a long time. We usually have Mexican themed food at our parties including a giant batch of homemade salsa but the last few parties we’ve had I’ve steered our menu away from burritos and tacos.

Oh yummy goodness how I’ve missed you!!

And he bought some perfectly ripe avocados which I mashed up with some of that yummy salsa to make some awesome guacamole!


Of course this all lead to some major over eating!

One delicious beef burrito (that I couldn’t close).

Many chips dipped in guacamole.

And even more dipped in salsa to die for!

And he even mixed me one very tasty rum and coke. So, again I ask: what’s he want? 😉

I do love that man! (And not just for his salsa making skills!)


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