Braject 2013 (1st attempt)

4 cups, 3 Days, 2 drinks, and 1 complete bra.

I started out with my size, some pattern pieces and fabric. With some hard work and the help of a good friend (lots of help from BW) I managed to complete my first home made bra. Here’s what I did:

Laid out my pattern pieces on the fabric and cut them out

I cut out and sewed my straps.

Then I matched up my two lower cup pieces (twice: lining and outer) and sewed them together.

There was lots of pressing seams but I’m not going to put that in after each step on here, just know that after each seam it was pressed, either as sewn, open, or to the side depending on where the seam was.


I then matched the lower cup to the upper cup and sewed it together.


And that was the end of day 1! I had to rush out to show some houses and pick up all three of my boys.
So a couple weeks later I finally found some time to get going again and finished sewing the cups together only to confirm that they were to small (just as I suspected) so I started over! I traced new cup pattern pieces (2 sizes bigger) and cut out the fabric and sewed them together (again)

This one was too big but I decided to finish this bra for the experience (and because I was out of fabric).

So, I sewed the cups together and top stitched.

After that it was way past my bed time! the next day (after putting the boys to bed I found time to attach the band and then the channelling (for the underwires).

Then it was time for elastic (around the band, neck line and side), hooks and straps. After getting it all put together (by no means perfectly) it still didn’t fit. No surprise there though. I felt good though because I finished it! I think part of the problem was we used the wrong type of fabric(knowing that we probably wouldn’t be able to wear our “trial” or “fit” bra). So I need to go to the fabric store and find some cheap fabric with the right amount of stretch that is similar to the tricot and powernet that I will be using (once I know my size). And make trial bra #2.
Here is my completed 1st attempt



It’s not very pretty, but this one wasn’t supposed to be. 😉 This was the most difficult sewing project I’ve ever attempted and even though its not pretty I think if the cup size were right it would be wearable. The next one should definitely be wearable! 😃
Wish me luck!

Sorry about all the duplicate pictures, I’m not sure why my ap did that and I can’t seem to get rid of them.


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