My Saturday morning plan

As always, on a saturday morning, my boys were ready to get up before Tony and I were. This morning I devised a plan to keep them quiet and safe so Tony and I could attempt to sleep in.

Here’s what I did: I opened the shades and curtains in their room to let the sunshine in.


Then I gave TJ a stack of books.


And then I gave Gabriel a few board books.

And I shut their door and went back to bed.
It actually worked for a little while! Gabriel started making noise after about fifteen minutes and I heard TJ stage whisper to him to be quiet and that he doesn’t want to get in trouble.

After another fifteen minutes Gabriel started calling out, “mum mum mumum mum!”

I guess that meant time to get up. 😃

Now both boys have eaten filling breakfasts and Tony and I had our smoothies. And it’s time to get ready for a busy day! We are going to deliver flowers to a friend that is healing up from a surgery and then we are having a play date with some other T1 kids and DMoms and its sunny today!!! Yay! Happy Saturday!



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