A T1 play date

We met up with other families dealing with type 1 diabetes. The kids ages ranged from 2-4 and the parents D experience from just a couple months to about 3 years.

It was really nice to talk to other parents going through the same things we are. There was a lot of discussion about pumps and CGMs (I actually got to hold a dexcom g4 and to check it out, so cool!) comparing benefits and drawbacks.

All while the kids played outside together and apart depending on their moods.

Lots of BGs were checked

Sometimes with audiences. It was so cute these two just stopped to watch another little boy get checked.
TJ had lots of fun with the other kids

Gabriel had fun just being free to wander and play outside without his brother bugging him.


And I had fun making new friends and talking about pumps, CGMs, carb counts, boluses, basals, mdi, and everything else that has become a part of our lives since D became a part of our family.
It was such a beautiful day I couldn’t help catching a few shots on my way home.


Space needle!

And Mt Rainier.

It was a really peaceful drive home, since both boys slept almost the whole way.

Or so I thought… This is what I got when I stopped for gas and tried to get a picture of Gabriel sleeping.



He must have woken up when I stopped the car because I can’t believe he was quiet for an hour in the car.


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