Just another day

It really is just another day in our lives, every third day to be exact. We had to change out TJs pump port and his sensor today (it was actually the 4th day–don’t tell on us)


This is what happens to TJs skin under his sensors. Not pretty, poor kid. We’ve been trying to be better about changing it out every 3 days (hoping for more accuracy, or a reason for insurance to cover a new dexcom cgm, and less skin irritation.


Sensor changes have become pretty routine.


He still fights a little but look at that needle! I would probably fight more than he does!


This one hurt a little worse than usual because I didn’t aim very well and the needle tried to go through the sticker instead of next to it like I usually do. But TJs a trooper! Once it all went in I pulled the needle out and he was fine.
Then I pulled the sticker cover


Clipped on the clamshell. And put half of a cotton round under that (he was having bad skin reactions around the edge of the clamshell too 😕)


And then we put a giant sticker over the whole thing.


After that was done I forced TJ to try a new spot for his pump site (Meanest mommy in the world!) his thigh.


Tony actually had to pin him down on the ottoman so I could insert the port. 😕 It was not fun for anyone. But we’ve only really ever put it in his tummy and love handles and I’m worried about scar tissue. (Never though I’d have to worry about that)


Once that was all inserted he was fine and even happy. I think he was super worried about it because of a botched sensor insert into his thigh. (Only tried that once) I put a sensor in his thigh a few months ago and it just kept bleeding and he freaked out until I took it out and put the sensor in his arm as usual (another place I’m worried about scar tissue). We recently started putting his sensors in his bum cheeks to spare his arms and so Medtronic couldn’t tell us that scar tissue was to blame for inaccurate cgm readings.

And this is all the trash left over from his two site changes. So much garbage from one little boy!


We had a good night as far as BGs go. Check out his graph!


Then he checked his own sugars.




And score!

A good number first thing in the morning. 😃
My little boy is growing up so fast!



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