Our Zoo Play Date

We went to the zoo! J

And had a lot of fun with one of my best friends and her family.

TJ and her kids were so cute!

Walking together and holding hands.

We saw lots of animals

And had a really good time

In spite of the cold

I think the kids’ favorite part of it was climbing all the rocks!


TJ had lots of extra BG checks this trip.

We had more CGM (continuous glucose monitor) sensor problems.

It wasn’t working during most of our time at the zoo. L

But we had fun anyway.

Gabriel was telling TJ how cool that snake was!

Between rock climbing

Diaper changes in the stroller

And BG check

After BG check

We did tons of walking

I obviously took too many pictures

I got Tony to take a few too (so I could be in a couple) 😉

And after a brief stop for lunch we stopped by to feed the birds

TJ didn’t like it at first but he warmed up to the experience

All the kids had fun feeding the birds

And climbing on more rocks

And doing more walking

Posing for pictures

And just hanging out together.

Hopefully we can get together again soon! J

I love my three boys! J


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