I signed TJ up for swim lessons last month and (although I had concerns about what it would do to his blood sugars–read: crazy lows at night) I knew it would be good for him.  I want him to be able to swim and to have fun in the pool (safely!). 

It started out a little crazy, five kids and two teachers. TJ wasn’t really that into it (but I was absolutely thrilled that I didn’t have to go in the pool with him!) 😉
Every class, before he could head to the pool, we poked his finger to check his sugar levels. And every time he was in a good range to get into the pool! 🙂 It probably helped that he was poked and fed and dosed right before we left the house to get to swim lessons. 😉 Then we would disconnect his pump and send him on his way! 🙂

He seemed willing to sit and listen and wait patiently to take his turns with the instructors.

Tony, Gabriel and I sat and watched. They had TJ put his face in the water to blow bubbles and float on his back.

And he was surprisingly cooperative. Not really afraid of the water.




We did our best to keep gabriel entertained (mostly by feeding him snacks)

TJ started getting more and more brave and less well behaived. They asked the kids they weren’t working with to sit on the step and wait (while not splashing). This may be asking too much of 3 year olds!

His complaint after the second class was that he didn’t need swim lessons, he already knew how to swim. And why didn’t they let him swim across the whole pool? (his question, not ours!)

He floats really well now!

And has fun playing their games.

Gabriel still gets bored easily in fact at the last class he kept trying to walk into the pool. He wants to be in there with TJ! 😉

TJ has been doing so well that we decided to sign him up for the next session of classes.

Last Wednesday was the last day of the first session. So they all got to go to the “big pool” (the one that’s more than 2 ft deep) and jump in. TJ went first.

He has definately become fearless!

I was a little disappointed that his CGM was out of range while he was in the pool, I don’t know what the range is for the new sensor that Medtronic is (still) waiting for FDA approval on, but I keep leaning more and more toward the Dexcom G4! If the new sensor isn’t out before TJ is allowed to get a new CGM, I might just get him the G4, then I would be able to watch his sugars from the bleachers! I was surprised that all the swimming didn’t affect his blood sugar levels over night. I guess I didn’t think about the fact that it’s only a half hour class and part of that time was spent sitting on the step (when he would actually just sit there—by the last class he was spending more time under the water than he was sitting still) LOL

And I love that most nights we arrived home and he was fast asleep and all I had to do was carry him to bed. J So peaceful! J

Two posts in one day! I’m making up for lost time! 😉 Sweet dreams! J


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