A special breakfast

I decided to make a fancy (for us anything that’s not cold cereal is fancy!) breakfast today. Happy Saturday to my boys!
With Gabriel’s allergy issues it happens even less than it used to. Back in the beginning of January (while searching for egg and gluten free cake mix) I found some gluten free bisquik (which was our preferred pancake mix before all of our issues came up) and bought it. There are no eggs in the mix, so all I had to do was use flax meal as an egg replacement when I made the batter. Easy!

My original plan was to make a batch for Gabriel and then make regular pancakes for TJ and Tony. TJ got hungry before I was done with Gabriel’s so I asked if he wanted to try them or wait for me to finish and make regular pancakes for him. Of course the answer was try Gabriel’s! 😉


I fried them up in coconut oil. I love cooking with it, it makes the whole house smell so good!


Don’t they look yummy? Add some microwave sausage and its a meal! 😉


I didn’t have any (too many calories since I really wanted a chai this morning) but look at how happy those boys are!


I hope I calculated the carbs right. This bisquik box didn’t have the carb count for prepared pancakes like the original does, so I guesstimated a bit. If I was wrong I could be dealing with lows or highs later today, but I know how to roll with the punches! We’ll have a good day either way! 😃


They sure enjoyed their breakfast today!


Nothing left on TJs plate ! And Gabriel only threw a few pieces of sausage on the floor (no pancake!) so I guess that means they were good pancakes.


I even had a few left over to freeze for an easy breakfast for Gabriel in the future! 😃


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